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Meet Joe

As an authority on Self-Mastery Leadership and as a motivational transformation specialist, Joe Swinger helps leaders, entrepreneurs, and others working within corporate culture to create transformative and positive change. Leading from his own discoveries about pain, loss, and abuse, Joe engages his experiences and hard-won resiliency to position others toward freedom and success, in their own personal and professional relationships. Through his speeches and workshops, Joe offers his expertise on enlightened leadership, conflict resolution, team building, and personal development. He takes his audience to a place of joy, purpose, and full and abundant living. 

Once homeless, Joe has risen as a leader in multiple Fortune 500 companies, in which he has developed hundreds of successful business leaders, while at the same time, achieving extraordinary results as a pioneer in the authentic servant leadership movement. Joe is a Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer and the founder of Self-Mastery Leadership Academy, the Creator of the 7 Essential Virtues Workshop, and author of Awaken the Magic Within…The Invitation: The 7 Essential Virtues for Incredible Success, and Leave Your Nose Ring at Home: Get the Job You Want by Creating a Powerful First Impression. He holds Masters Degrees in both psychology and business administration and currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.